Steering committee: Chairman M McGurk

BNMS                        – Jamshed Bomanji
BAOMS                     – Mike Fardy
BAOP                         – Selvam Thavarai
Medical Physics       –  Alan Britten
Nursing rep              –  Athena Duma
Surgeon                     – Jeremy McMahon & Clare Schilling

Coordinator/Advisor   – Bola Jones
NICE Observer           – Cyrus Kerawala

Lecture Program

SENT results and application.
Steps in setting up a program and commissioner
Tips on getting ARSC approval.

The patient journey.
Practical aspects of Nuclear Medicine.
Practical aspects of surgery.
Pathology Pathway.
Nuclear Medicine & Physics

Working Lunch
Introduction to the On-line Data base
Afternoon Practical Session
SNB tracking on mannequin (Surgeons)
Injection techniques for tracer. (nuclear medicine)
Problems of interpretation. (Pathology)
On-line data base
Feedback on course (All participants)